Ultra Safe Washable Toaster

Right this moment, millions of bacterial cells could be lurking inside of your toaster, waiting to contaminate your morning breakfast. Experts recommend that toasters be cleaned on a monthly basis in order to keep these potentially harmful germs at bay. Unfortunately, it's not easy to get the inside of a toaster clean. Submerging the toaster in water will ruin the appliances and sticking objects down inside could result in electric shock or damage to the internal parts. The Perfect Hygienic Washable Toaster is the better way to protect yourself from foodborne illness caused by toaster ovens. This portion of the toaster that comes in contact with the bread can be taken out after use, easily washed and then reinserted, ensuring that the toaster stays clean and free of germs.


  • Sanitary alternative to traditional toasters
  • Features washable removable insert
  • Lift out insert and clean between uses to keep germs at bay
  • Only the washable portion of the toaster comes in contact with food
  • Incredibly safe way to guard against food-borne illness
  • Quality design will last for years to come
  • Gets toast perfectly golden and functions like top-of-the-line traditional toasters