Ultra Safe Mattresses

Believe it or not, hundreds of people die each year from falling out of bed, and thousands more suffer severe injuries from rolling out of bed at night. In the past, the only way to guard against fatal and serious fall accidents in the bedroom was to install unsightly, awkward rails along the bed. Now, the UltimateSafe Mattress offers a better safety solution. The edges of this comfortable, supportive mattress can instantly be raised to create a protective border along the sides of the bed. This makes it virtually impossible to roll up over the edge in the middle of the night. The UltimateSafe Mattress is the perfect safety solution for parents who co-sleep with their babies, for toddlers and older children and for elderly adults.


  • Prevents dangerous falls in the bedroom
  • Edges of the mattress are lift-able
  • Rolling out of the bed is impossible with the edges raised
  • Comfortable, luxurious sleep surface
  • Perfect for co-sleeping babies
  • Attractive alternative to bed rails for toddlers and bigger kids
  • Ideal home safety solution for the elderly