Ultra Safe Mattress (Si-07USM)
June 22, 2018

Ultra Clean Toaster (Si-201-750W)


  • Keeps the insides of toasters hygienic between uses
  • Protects your family from food-borne illnesses
  • Easy to wash with soap and water
  • Attachment fits inside of the toaster
  • Covers the heating element and interior of the appliance
  • Inserts easily into all standard toasters
  • Simple to remove

Imagine the perfect piece of toast. It’s crisp and the perfect golden brown color. It’s covered with your favorite fixings like rich creamery butter, sweet fruit jam and potentially harmful microbes!

It’s true! Toaster ovens can be breeding grounds for many types of germs and contaminate your food with bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick. Regular cleaning can help to keep conditions inside of your toaster sanitary, but how exactly can you clean your toaster?

Our PerfectHygienic Toaster Attachment is the perfect solution. Adjustable to fit toasters of all sizes, this attachment fits inside of your toaster and keeps the bread from touching potentially contaminated surfaces. After you’ve made your toast, just slip out the attachment and wash it! You can enjoy delicious toast daily and feel great knowing you’re protecting yourself from foodborne illness with this simple-to-use attachment.

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