Our company

Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd, an invention company in India. The company inventions are widely recognized by the global media ( America, Switzerland, Japan and India-Times of India, leading English Daily) as revolutionary products step towards meaningful society. At Skillers Inventions, keeping customer satisfaction at their top priority, the team is trying hard to come up with cutting-edge product range for great customer experience. Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd prides itself on designing and manufacturing all their products and aiming to make each customer feel special and safe with their product range, global availability of products, and world-class customer support.


Our story has always been about innovation. The foundations and aspirations of our business remain true to those established by our visionary founders, and their innovation and energy continue to be our inspiration. Our passion and entrepreneurial culture will ensure that we deliver for our customers in safety, quality and assurance – today and in the future.


We are passionate about health technology. That's why we develop novel solutions for the healthcare industry, going beyond ordinary health IT “services” and “products” because we see technology and bioinformatics as more than just ends in themselves. We believe that people can lead better, healthier lives. Researchers can gain insights faster. Providers can be better supported with evidence-based guidelines, specialty expertise, and on-demand data. Overall healthcare costs can be lowered through better care delivery and information.